Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving out

Been pampered at home- hot meals are laid on the table, a warm and comfortable bed for me to lay on, clean and ironed clothes for me to wear, etc.

Since im moving out, i no longer can enjoy these privileges. A reflection is made, "how lucky and blessed i am" thought myself.

I guess im all grown up now, to decide and carve my path of life. No worries, i know what are my priorities and certainly, i will be someone in future!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Leon is shifting to KL soon, and thus, took the opportunity to fill his medulla oblongata and cerebellum memory with gay videos. Every night, usually past midnight, he would endeavour into streaming and searching for the hottest love sessions videos. This is because, he will be sharing a master room with another homosapein and thus, wouldnt have that much chance to view these videos.

Talking about gaytube, Leon finds it interesting as it has a compilations of gay videos from various sites. Preferably, Leon would stream videos that are played within 1-3 minutes due to certain "reasons". Well, all " good things"  has to come to an end Leon!


With reference to the above topic, how do you guys view "kiasu-ism"?

To me, kiasu-ism can be something positive that should be inculcated in us as it helps an individual to progress in life without slacking. The fear of losing out to others in terms of education, work, performance, etc will eventually develop an individual into a mere perfectionist.

I've been a kiasu kid ever since my secondary school lifestyle, but eventually faded when i entered into my tertiary studies. I still remembered the times in secondary school, how deceiving i was in convincing others that i studied lesser than them for an exam, but in the ending, scoring relatively higher marks. And upon seeing their disappointed face, a smirk and evil-satisfaction smile is smirked. Somehow, "kiasu-ism" helped me to score strings of A's in my exams, and nonetheless, "kiasu-sm" is something that should be viewed positively.

P.S- Kiasu in building my physique too