Friday, January 7, 2011


"I'll disown you"
" I wont finance you for your education anymore"
" You wont even get a single part of my property"
"I dont want you to step anywhere nearby my grave"
"I dont have a son like that"
" Leave my house"

Those were the exact remarks stated by Leon's mother.
Please accept who i am mommie- Leon cried and walked away

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Spending even a pico-second with you is enough to make me contented, but to my distress, such happening/occurence are opposed by several factors.Why?

They judge you by your sexual orientation and never even give a chance to be acquainted with you and discover your beyond outstanding personality. Why?

They prohobit me to spend time with you. Why?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Commotion At Work

I applied several jobs and got a handful offers namely from guardian, mph, popular and amway but finally, i decided to work for popular due to the higher pay and non-taxing working hours. Work started off well, and i easily grasped things as they were easier and basic compared to my previous job with amway. Made a couple of friends and things were going smooth until something occured today. What happened? Well, it was only my 3rd day working in popular and i learned how to process stocks and also taking in invoices from publishers and other bookstores such as allscript, mms, mph, visual,etc. A malay woman of about her mid 20's ,who had worked in popular for almost a year was suppose to teach me those stuff but she herself got confused and ending up, my boss had to take over. Then, she went off wrapping books whilst im surrounded with invoices to be processed . Boy! does she know how to wrap book perfectly only LOL!!!? Fine, i did all the hardwork, and after settling the invoices, the books are supposed to be displayed out and so, i asked her politely.

"Kak, leh tolong Josh untuk display majalah x krn josh x rapa pandai la" I said pretentiously and humbly.

"Kak penat la" she replied

lol????? Im speechless. Then, i asked her for help the 2nd time but she ignored and continued wrapping the precious books. I got heated up and complained to the boss. The boss then reprimanded her and she shed tears and kept blaming me that i was mr. know-it-all and tried to suppress her. WTH??! Bewildered, i argued back and she further want to cari gaduh. I shut my gab and she continued saying i didnt wrap the books whereby i was actually busy in the room ;sitting infront of the computer processing stocks to save her butt cause she's so dumb. In conclusion, she's a bummer who takes advantage of me to finish up the teamwork's job. Pathetic. However, my family and my partner was against my action. Let me ask you all a question, if you were a boss in a company, who would you hire- A person who generates profit and revenue or a bummer who is always in their comfort zone and lack in efficiency? ----