Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Fragment Of Crystal Precious Memories

Day started off early for Leon as he had to get ready by 0915 for his post-valentine's activities. As promised, Cliff picked up Leon and ensured him that this will be a memorable day. Cliff also mentioned that Leon had to agree to "participate" in all the upcoming surprise "activities". They arrived around 1100 and the 1st surprise was revealed upon arrival to Bukit Cahaya- A BIG THRILL skytrack adventure.

Thrilled and excited; as this was his first time, Leon gave a peck on Cliff's cheek. Obstacles after obstacles did Leon managed to hurdle eventhough it was his first time. Proud of himself and being accompanied by one of the most significant person in the world, Leon was extremely overjoyed. Never did it came across Leon's mind that he'll be able to enjoy outdoor activities together with his beloved "beau" due to the restrictions imposed by his parents. Both Cliff and Leon completed the BIG THRILL by 1230 and left Bukit Cahaya.

Leon and Cliff showered using the facilities provided by one of the gyms and headed to Pyramid. But before that, Cliff handed Leon a red package with a fancy golden star on it. Ignoring the nicely wrapped package, Leon ripped if off and discovered the watch that he always wanted. That was the second surprise and Leon was really delighted. Cliff then explained that he didnt mind buying it as he really "sayang" Leon and also that he wanted it to be a momento.

Both of them had lunch in Carl's Jr and Cliff told Leon to be prepared for the 3rd surprise. Cliff's 3rd surprise was a fish spa treatment( Leon already expected it actually). After the awesome spa treatment, they had dinner together with Cliff's gym buddies and then headed home.

Overall, Leon could never forget this memorable experience with his beau as it will be etched in his memory forever. These surprises were all a -first-time-thing- to Leon and therefore, that day really meant a lot to Leon.