Thursday, October 6, 2011


It has been a month living here,
No words can describe,
How lonely and void I feel right now,
No one notices it,
As it's just a mere kuchi-rat thing,
Having to sit alone,
In class, or during meal time,
Or even in the room , being all by myself,
Is dreadful and lonely.
This year marks another year where I will age by a unit,
Supposingly to be a delightful thing,
But not anymore to me,
For at least i know, the bed and books will accompany me,
Celebrating my sad and lonely birthday this year.
Hence I will be saddened, for my loved ones,
Are not there to accompany me.
A lesson learnt I should say,
That one must need to know- "   ",
Simply telling that I cannot be dependent (emotionally) to others.

Catch Your Star

Catch the star that holds
your destiny-
the one that forever
twinkles in your heart.
Take advantage of precious
while they still sparkle before you...

(Always follow your dream)