Friday, December 24, 2010

My Precious Gem

You opened up my eyes, showing me what true love really means. True love is not just based on physical attraction but; what is most important and crucial in a relationship- personality and much tolerence. You dont have to be a super model, nor possess infinite amount of money to grasp my attention. Simple yet meaningful ways such as holding my hands and giving me a warm hug AND be true to yourself is enough to make me jump off my feet. You're like a precious gem, embedded in thick layer of dull rocks and mud. Cut open the rock, and you'll find the most amazing thing you've ever seen, beyond anyone could imagine. Then, ill open my arms wide to you, contented and satisfied that ive found such amazing person. You are unique in every ways. People who threw away or discard this "precious gem" earlier before are blind for not realising your beauty and existence, as they're merely disillusioned by their own pure stupidity. I will always love and treasure you, my "precious gem".

Christmas Eve

After dinner and spending quality time with his family at Empire, Leon got a text message.

It read,  "will pick you up about 2300, and a few friends will be joining us".

Leon replied Cliff's message hastily and went home immediately. Soon, a new red car parked outside the house. Leon got into the car with awe admiration for the simple yet classy design of the car. Cliff had picked up a friend earlier before arriving to Leon's house, and Leon turned behind to greet Cliff's friend. We introduced ourselves and Harvender seemed to be a friendly person.

Cliff headed to another friend's house and picked up two jovial guys, Harry and Garyop. Leon exchanged gestures with them. After deciding and settling down in a restaurant, Cliff handed Leon a 3rd christmas present. It was a deck of card game.

They played for about 1/1/2 hours. Laughters were streaming all along the way and they enjoyed themselves very much. Harvender was hilarious in his sarcasm ways while Harry was "apek-funny"  and Garyop was funny-quiet (LOL).

Part of the conversation went as such:

" Do you have enough money to pay me? 8 million each!" said Garyop to others

"Got la, nah take la, keep the change" Harry told him as he handed the cards

" I'll slay you bitch" snapped Harvender

After settling the bills, Cliff sent them home. But before Harry left the car, he handed Leon and Cliff each a nice and decent notebook. "Merry Christmas", Harry wished.

After sending all of his friends back, Cliff drove Leon home. Leon rustled his head on Cliff's shoulder and gave him a goodnight kiss. That night, not only did Leon enjoyed himself, but he had also made a couple of worthy and true friends. No doubt that these friendship will last forever.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eye Candy

One glance is enough to make you asphyxiate for a moment. This human being is almost perfect in terms of its (non-identity) appearance. Enough to make one fantasise about all sorts of kinky/horny things to be done along with "it". Imagining "it" shirtless with ripped abs, hairy, yet strong arms to be placed around your waist, pinkish -like lips which are so darn irresistable and luscious. The angel-carved human being left the store, while others are left in dismay as they knew that the chances to stumble across such perfection is a once-in-a-life-time thing

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As planned, it was Hugh's turn to bring Turner out. Hugh grabbed his car keys and drove to Turner's house once he got a text message. Hugh had a tired and moody expression on his face and Turner noticed it.

"How's your day dear?" asked Turner politely

" Tiring la, jog around 8 laps you know, ish" replied Hugh abruptly

Inconsiderate Hugh then forced a smile on his face and turned on his car radio. They arrived at their destination 30 minutes later and had to park all the way up to CP7 due to the crazy parking. Upon entering the shopping complex, something caught Turner's attention. It was the Nike shop. Turner suffers from NOD (Nike-obsessive-disorder). After browsing through some clothes, Turner didnt get anything for himself BUT influenced Hugh to go all crazy over a jacket. Hugh tried the jacket on and made comparisons and eventually got it.

" Dear, so kesian la i see you" said Turner
"Why?" Hugh questioned back as he rummaged  through his wallet for green and red notes
" You got enough money or not? I'll help you to pay some okay?" volunteered Turner

Hugh had to agree with Turner as he had only RM 130 with him and still short about 40 percent of the total amount. Contented with his new jacket, Hugh put it on and they head for dinner at Dragon-I as Turner was craving for something from there.

Later on, they decided to go for a movie. After movies, they left the shopping complex about 0000 and head for a drinking session in one of the mamak stall nearby.

Turner handed Hugh a first package which is wrapped up in a christmas cracker form when they entered the car and Hugh ripped it off. It was something unexpected as a fancy and bright brief-like boxer labelled " Private Structure" popped out. Turner again handed Hugh something, and Hugh tore it open and discovered a sophisticated  Nike training gloves. It wasnt cheap for sure judging from the quality and material it was made of.

Hugh then kissed Turner gently on his lips and sent him home. Hugh knew that Turner was the ideal person to spend his entire life with.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alone in Cold

Hearing the rain pelting down, covered in his comforter as it was darn cold, he wished that he could be carassed by someone who's genuine in heart. Someone that could provide him with warmth and comfort during the cold nights. But it's all just too soon for such to happen, and upon realising this, he'll just have to keep on hoping that one day, these fantasised moments will be a reality.

Rendezvous Hour

Day started off with a phone call, informing Leon that he'll be on for a surprise today. Perplexed but Leon just agreed to the whatsoever "plan" . Dressed up and got ready to meet Cliff. It's been awhile since both of them met, and longing for each other's companionship for the past few months, both faces made a happy expression.

"So, what's the plan?" questioned Leon
" wait la, surprise is my middle name" replied Cliff with a smirk

They reached to their destination, but Leon hasnt figured out yet as he's not so "exposed" to the outside world. (wouldnt blamed Leon as he's always at home with his books).

Cliff got fed up with the bombardment of questions and therefore, told Leon that it was a play, but didnt exactly tell what kind of play it was.

"Octopus?" Leon asked when he saw the banners.

Both of them were finally seated and the play started. Leon sooner or later realised that it was a gay play revolving about multiple sex/ orgies and the fearsome disease HIV. The play went on for  about an hour.

" How was it?" Cliff asked Leon upon exiting.
" It was okay. But i didnt really like it as it's a bit awkward la" replied Leon

Leon actually loathed the play but he wouldnt deny that spending time with Cliff even for a few couple of hours and enjoying Cliff's company is enough to make Leon the happiest person on earth.

The Sisterly Plan

It's about 1hour and forty two minutes for Mr. Tuesday to end.  My sis and i planned to go to midvalley to do our end year shopping due to the raging sales and discount everywhere.

"Josh, tomorrow we must leave about 0800 " said sis
I replied " SO early?"
" ya lo, must avoid jam" she replied

I dont mind getting out of bed early tomorrow as tomorrow will be a great day spending time with my beloved sister, Grace =)

Acquaintance Between MyBlog and Myself =)

The feeling of jotting down or describing my everyday life seemed rather stupid to me at first, but i guess im having second thought now XD as there's nothing much to do so during the holidays. Nonetheless, it's just a way of passing time. Regular feedbacks or criticising about my blog are welcomed as i'll take it in a form of constructive criticism =P. SO i do hope there's at least a handful of followers to come haha (i doubt so).