Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Friend Whose Name is Alvis

I saw a peculiar looking guy; restless as he didnt know which lecture hall to enter. I took notice of his behaviour and thought to myself, today im going to make another friend. And that guy happened to be Alvis, a jovial and kind individual. Every lunch and dinner were spent together with him throughout my 3 months in university. He would gladly accompany me to toilet after classes and fetch a bus together with me. Also, he would teach me lessons that are difficult for me to comprehend.

One fine day, I decided to check my UPU result via internet and to my amazement, I've got an outstanding offer. I was puzzled at first, whether i should accept it but finally, i've decided to take it. One of the factors that encouraged me to take this offer was the support given by Alvis.

Then one night, whilst spending some time with him, suddenly he shedded tears and i was bewildered.
This was more or less the actual situation:

Me: Why ? What's gotten into you?
Alvis: Nah, nothing....
Me: Come on, there must be something that;s bugging you right...??
Alvis: You.....(he said politely and softly)

Me: Huh??? Why??

Alvis: I've been so close with you this past 3 months, it saddens me seeing you to leave...and also...I wont have anyone else to hang out with me and to teman me for lunch or dinner anymore..(he cried profusely)

Me: Come on, cheekup okay... not to worry. See, for the past three months, you have established several good friendships with others..and besides, it's not like our friendship will's forever okay? =D

Alvis: okay...

Onwards then, Alvis never stop comforting me or never did his caring attitude towards me ceased.Instead, he cared for me even more and several promises were made between me and him. Some include excelling in our studies and to meetup some point in our life when both are convenient. A true and genuine friendship was shown between both of us and this will trully be etched in my memory..

(Alvis is a straight guy)