Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Angry Bird

As you all know, "Angry Bird" is an addictive game and I would spend hours playing with it and even to the extent of repeating the game all over again. Usually i would play "angry bird" during my working hours without being reprimanded by my superior.

There are several versions of  angry bird, namely "angry bird seasonal" and "angry bird rio" and what attract me the most about this game is that each species of birds tossed have multiple functions.

Today itself, i got stucked at a particular stage and it really bothered me a lot as i spent almost an hour to pass ONE stage. Goodness gracious, I wonder when did i ever become so lifeless.

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Dong" and "Ding"

Leon and Cliff decided to play a game, which is to identify as many gay people as possible and to make things more interesting, they would label their appearance by saying out "ding" or "dong"

"Ding" meant that the gay person looks physically attractive whereas "dong" meant the otherwise of the latter.

So whenever both of them are out together at places such as shopping complexes and gym, they would be busy uttering "ding ding", "ding dong", "dong dong"...

Crucial Decision To Be Made

Recently, I've been offered to study chemical engineering at several institutions. This is where the problem revolve. First of all, if i were to choose to study at USM, i will be far away from my loved ones ( family members ). I couldnt bear leaving them. To make things worst, there's a significant individual that appeared into my life recently, and leaving that person will definitely leave me in despair.

USM is ranked at 1st position in Malaysia and studying there would of course ensure me that there will be a competitive environment equipped with qualified and excellent lecturers. However, ive decided to pursue chemical engineering at UTAR which is ranked at position 22 .

I hope im making the right choice.