Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Gym "Ambience"

Recently, Leon has been an active gym-goer. He took noticed about a bunch of gym-ers and thus, classified them.

There are the muscle mania who tend to look at themselves in the mirror, flexing their over-built muscles, thinking that they're drop dead gorgeous.

Heading to the tracks and drinking "parlour" area, he noticed several flowerpots standing at one side of the corner, gazing at guys and wanting to be approached.

Next, the steam room, Leon noticed that there are several perverts who are longing to attract "the unnecessary" attention by playing with their pubic hair or caressing their nipples.

It's OK being Different

It has been about 3 years of taunting and torment,
Being "different" was something unacceptable and formidable,
It's alright, it's your decision; your rights
That's what I thought.

Endure it!
Justify why being different,
Change others' negative perceptions,
And finally,
My old folks are finally accepting me,
My siblings are finally understanding me,
My friends are finally supporting me,
It's just a matter of time for the acceptance and transition.