Friday, October 28, 2011

How Much You Love Me

Feeling all moody and disappointed, Leon didnt enjoy his holidays. Throughout the holidays, Leon was thinking about how badly he did in his test. He didnt feel like seeing anybody at that moment, including Cliff, and all he could do was to harp continuously on his "blunder".

One fine day, he got a text from Cliff .

Cliff: Want to hang out this weekend?

Leon: Sure, why not.... how about this friday?

Cliff: Actually i was thinking of going to the "hottest hunk" event this friday evening...

Leon: Why dont you go and "enjoy" your event and wash your eyes there..(sarcastically)

Cliff: It's alright, i dont mind skipping that that i can see you.

Leon: NO, why dont you go, seriously..You'll miss 30 muscular hunks just to see a kid......would you?

Cliff: Let's see if that kid can compensate for 30 hunks then.. haha

Leon: Okay then..

Cliff: See you =)

That night, Cliff accompanied Leon for dinner and they walked around the shopping mall. Leon eventually felt much better when he was with Cliff...inexplainable but it seems like the presence of Cliff being with him just expel all negative energy from his body.

Leon: Im sorry for being selfish...for allowing you to miss that event..

Cliff: It's okay =)

Cliff then piggyback Leon down the escalator and they head to the carpark. Then, while Cliff was driving, he took out several gifts he got for Leon when he was in Hong Kong. Those gifts were expensive and Leon felt very bad as Cliff's financial status wasnt stable momentarily. Though he had some financial issues, he wasnt stingy to get Leon gifts.

Leon: Thanks shouldnt have gotten all's very expensive...

Cliff just smiled back at Leon. Soon, Leon realised how unfair he was in this relationship and he really didnt want this relationship to end up like a father-son thing.

Leon: Hm.. do you feel this relationship is somehow like a father-son thing?

Cliff: times...but it's okay. For now, i just want you to listen and care for me more....

Leon: Sorry for being defiant at times, and ill try my best to listen to you in assure, i will never leave you..

Leon soon understood how much Cliff's love was for him and how grateful he was to have Cliff in his life