Friday, September 2, 2011

Teary Moment

Leon knew that this was it, he can no longer control it...his emotional dams were about to burst when he met Cliff the last time before going off.

Ciff: Dont cry, you're a big boy now..all grown up, BE STRONG!

Leon: *cries on Cliff's shoulders* ( he knew that no one would care for him as much as Cliff )

Leon loves Cliff a lot to the fact that he shedded tears. Leon dont usually cry unless it is worth dripping tears for something significant to him.

Leon: Remember when the times you said i dont really miss you.....I really do..always *continues weeping*

Cliff: I know, i know, i will miss you too..

Then, Cliff reached out behind and handed Leon a book and inside a book he wrote something personal:

"Dearest Leon,

May this book be used to nourish your soul when you're feeling sad and down. May it keep you warm in the coldest of nights, may it keep you company when you're lonely and thinking of the people you miss at home. Most importantly, may it be a source of hope and faith in the new challenges that will come your way. Remember, never give up when the tough gets going, knowing that success is only but a stone's throw away."

Leon: Thanks!

*That night, several promises were made and some include smsing each other every morning once awaked and during night time before sleeping, meeting each other during weekends when Leon returns home and when Cliff visits Leon, and also NEVER TO STOP LOVING ONE ANOTHER*

They kissed each other goodnight passionately and then Leon left Cliff's car to end the day.


"Hey, let's go to Pavilion!", suggested Alvis. All of us nodded our heads and took a bus there. Then, we decided to settle down in a restaurant and share "Sticky!"(a kind of melted sugar being moulded and shaped) among ourselves. Later, 3 of my friends bid me goodbye, leaving me and Alvis alone.

"Tonight, I'll make sure 'didi' (younger bro) is protected",chuckled Alvis.

The following morning, I had to return home and Alvis made this disturbed expression.

"Must visit 'kor'(elder brother) ok?" said Alvis.

"OK!" I replied.

"Promise?" asked Alvis pointing out his pinkie finger.