Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Eve

Filled with disappointment and frustration, Leon told Cliff to send him home. Earlier, Leon agreed to stay with Cliff in a fancy hotel located in the heart of KL but something unpleasant occured-Leon got a phone call from his mother, informing him that he musnt stay outside. Leon had no choice but to abide to her unreasonable order.

How did they spend new year eve together? Well, it was kinda sad, but Leon rang Cliff and did a countdown together via phone. Sometimes, simple things are truely meaningful (seriously).

The following day, Leon decided to shop for a belt and asked Cliff to tag along. Cliff gladly said yes and picked Leon up. They had baskin robbins and spent quality time together.

New Year

A new year followed along with several new resolutions

1.) To be a better individual (spiritually,mentally,emotionally)
2.) Possess 6 ripped abs within 6 months
3.) Spending more time with my "babyjai"
4.) Earn more money to fulfill my desires towards clothes, eletrical gadgets,etc
5.) Succeed academically and hit a >3.8 cgpa for my degree