Friday, March 25, 2011

Acceptance Part 2

Mother: I dont want you to be a gay! I shall not accept it..and if you ever become one, you wont have any blessings from me.

Leon ignore and continued tidying his bedroom.

Mother: You know that gays are the root of causing a family to be disorientated? Gays are like wolves disguising as a sheep. They appear to be all caring because they want SEX only.

Leon face turned red.

Mother: You wont be successful in life if you're a gay i tell better change yourself. Dont ask me to pray for you next time.
"Was it a threat imposed?" thought Leon
Question is: can Leon succumb to these torments?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Recently, I've been streaming pornographic videos and getting extremely obsessed with this "habit"
After work, i would check my mails and FB status for about 1/2hour and then, proceed watching explicit films.
I guess im longing for a great and wonderful sex escapades experience but well, im contented with what i have right now ;)

Finger crossed, and consistent praying to God shall help me