Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gorgeous Lad

Leon spotted a fine looking lad, dressed up from tip to toe, looking simply dashing. That student has a tanned skin tone, puppy eyes, kissable pink lips,prominent nose and a fit physique. He's simply perfect and best of all, he's a civil engineering student whereby chemical and civil engineering students share the same lab. =D

Till now, Leon still hasnt get the chance to be acquainted with that gorgeous lad as he's busy.
Leon cant wait to see that guy to dress into engineering coat, wearing safety helmet and goggles !

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Environment

The 1st impression I had for this particular university was-

1.) No eye candies, thus probably gonna be boring and also no motivation
2.) "Jinjang and ulu" place as there were no entertainment and leisure malls

Things got worst upon the admission into my single-storey hostel. The 1st thing that concerned me was the cleanliness of the bathroom and to my dismay, it's bloody filthy- stains and faeces marks around the toilet bowl, dark stains around the sink area and poor water outlet. A big sigh !

However, I bought a two way bus ticket and Im going home despite having to attend Dr. Mahathir's speech. So much for his speech =D bleh..

(no "nice views" =/  )