Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bimbo trying to act smart

A colleague of mine passed by me.

" Hey,hey! I've taken diploma in mechanical engineering you know...but suddenly i started to develop interest in business haha" he said to me suddenly.

"Oh, isn't it a waste of time?" i replied sarcastically

"No la, i find it easy studying those lor but i lost interest" said my colleague

"Hmm, in that case, which topic do you find the hardest to cope in physics for your dip. lvl?" i questioned him.

"Trigonometrics, i find it hard to derive the formulaes" he stupidly answered.

LOL! trigo is under calculus/maths T actually. I dont know what is he trying to prove but he sure is a bimbs(he reminds me of paris hilton and nicole richie)
I felt like asking him several questions on advanced physic but then again, wouldnt want to embarass him further =) poor guy