Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Dark Brown Offered Me

Annoying B.C

Purple Flowers This Time

Leon decided to get Cliff a bunch of roses, so he headed all the way to Pasar Seni and purchased purple roses. Leon then headed to Cliff's office.

Leon: Eh, can hangout for awhile? Say.... lunch with me?

Cliff: Sure !

When Cliff got down from the office building, Leon handed him the roses. Cliff's reaction was- he quickly took it and walked hastily inside to avoid the embarassment.

dumbo cliff.....

Sweet Drooling

Leon was exhausted- physically and mentally as he had just completed his finals (sat for 5 papers) and after travelling over the boundaries of Semenanjung Malaysia. When Leon settled down, he snugged under the sheets and beside him was Cliff. He then distanced himself proximately to Cliff and laid his head on Cliff's thighs. The following morning,

Cliff: Eh, you know.... you ar.. sleep so "shiok"  yesterday until can drool on my thigh hor?

Leon: Really? Haha, i guess im just too comfortable with my dear ;)