Saturday, December 10, 2011

Persistent Ex

Leon had a partner before this, seemingly a rich sugardaddy. One day, Leon received a text from his ex

Ex: Hey, im getting you a christmas gift this year!

Leon: Dont have to, why bother?

Ex: Come on, well.... actually i plan to get you a Levi's special ed jeans. What's your waist size again..? and the cutting how?

Leon: No, please dont buy me any gifts anymore...

Ex: You prefer black? I think black suits you

*troll face*
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Busy,busy Life

It's been awhile since i blog due to my hectic and busy varsity lifestyle. Tried finding ample time to blog but with the ongoing exams, assignments and quizzes, i had to lie low on blogging. However, since it's almost end of the year, ill be having my holidays soon and thus, ill be resuming my blog and posting on a weekly basis. So far no eye candies here, except for studious and nerd individuals...*troll face forever lonely*

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