Monday, January 16, 2012

Price Tag?

What on earth is a pair of levi's jeans doing outside my front gate; thought Leon as he stumbled upon a black package whilst opening the gate.

He quickly picked it up and after 10 minutes approximately, he received a text message saying " Hope you like it, and i left it there as i know that you wouldnt have time to meet up...... you and your studies, pretty busy huh?*smile face*"

It was a text message from Leon's ex.
"What the heck" was Leon's 1st impression. Is he trying to put a price tag on me and just buying me back by showering me with gifts;thought Leon. Towards the end of last year, Leon's ex bought him a chronology watch and it wasnt cheap...then the EX wanted to buy him the latest iphone.

Leon rejected both of the earlier gifts from that sugardaddy as to Leon, receiving gift from a "stranger" (mere acquaintance" is seemingly wrong.

Go buy some Thai boys instead of me old hag, thought Leon to himself..