Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Unpleasant" Hard On Sight

Entered gym about 0800 and utilised the track machine for about 10 minutes. While I was on the track machine, a guy probably in his early 30's stood beside me and gazed at me. Then, he used the stepping machine behind me. After burning about 120 calories and  successfully increase my hb/m till 160, i headed to the crunch. The same guy then followed me and did crunches. After finishing my crunches, i used the pectoral machinery. The guy then used the biceps curl which was situated nearby me and whilst during his curls, he glanced at me. He then used the chest push machine which is right beside me and laid down to do his reps.

Curious about his behaviour, i glanced at him and to my horror ( excitement ***winks***), a huge bulge was projecting . He then smiled at me and left after that. LOL

Love Pills

Cliff randomly entered one of the toyshops in midvalley and spotted a glass bottle filled with unusual coloured pills. Leon then read the details on it and decided to purchase it.

The pills aren't edible.