Thursday, March 31, 2011


Leon and Cliff decided to settle for Fish Manhattan after work. Leon started fidgeting the iphone and immediately accessed into GrindR once seated.

Leon: Eh, Eh, the guys in sunway arent bad looking after all huh?

Cliff : *rolls eyes*

Leon : Haha, so can i put my facepic to test for my market value?

Cliff : NO!! Dont you ever do that

Leon : Why?? Just testing ma

Cliff : * turns head away and face another direction*

Leon noticed Cliff's reaction and realized it..


Leon : * turns to Cliff*

Cliff : Whenever we go out, you'll play with GrindR for at least 15 minutes. I came out to see you..

Leon : Im sorry..*pat Cliff*

Leon then bought a pint of BR ice-cream for Cliff to soothe him . Leon knew that he was definitely wrong and would pray very hard not to do so the next time.

Love you a gazillion

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Less Taken

Leon is certained about his sexual orientation, though his friends and family told him that he's just confused and that it's just a "phase" where most youth go through.

Now, Leon chose to divert into the alternative path, less taken by others. He knew that there will be many opposing obstacles, but no worries, he will know how to handle it as he's not alone ;)

No turning back now..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are You Faithful?

 Come to think of it, gays aren't that faithful as compared to normal heterosexual couples. I dont know why, but i reckon that it is something inevitable and in-built or embedded into their personality.

Recently, I met person X via my close friend, D and the conversation between us went somehow like this:

X : So.... when did you guys first had sex?

Me: Er, im still a virgin *laughed* and besides, it's something P&C.

D : *smiled*


X : Come on, a cute guy like you!?? impossible you didnt sleep around.

Me: Seriously, No, and i think it's unsafe to do so.


X : ok, justified enough. anyways, what's your opinion on 3P? * he winked at both of us*

Me : err.... weird, why do you ask such question? Dont you have a partner?


X : Ala, just joking around, i mean takkan you not boring......everytime same " mee goreng"?

Straight away, i knew this guy was dangerous and should be avoided. However, i actually thought of that question and pondered deep.

Why do gays behave as such? Is it their nature or due to the surrounding gay lifestyle factor? I wouldn't deny that i tend to flirt around at certain times but not until the extent of having sexual relationships.