Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shooting Star (reposting)

It was a warm afternoon in February. David and Cliff were hanging out by the mall, taking some time off their hectic college schedule to catch a movie they both have been waiting to see. David was 20 and he was the most perfect guy imaginable. He was the dashing school athlete - tall, lean and toned, intelligent and always sports a smile that would melt the heart of anyone he met. He's the life of any party, a charming guy and an even greater friend.

Cliff was also 20, and they both got to know each other during a club meeting of which they both were members of. David was the president of the club at that time, while the quiet and shy Cliff was just a ordinary member. David was a very responsible president, and he took time to make sure that he knew all the members of the club, irrespective of ranks or backgrounds. Under his guidance, the club carried out many successful activities which benefited the community they both lived in.

They both have known each other for close to 2 years now, and would always be hanging out together when they had some time to kill when not doing any community or charity work at the orphanage where they both volunteered at.

"Whoa! The queue seems long today! Did you managed to book tickets?" asked David.

"Err.... I tried but I couldn't. The seat allocations for ticket reservations were all taken up last night when I tried to book them", Cliff replied, sounding very sorry.

David replied, "Nah... It's alright. I guess we'll wait just like anyone else. Don't sweat it ok?"

The truth is, Cliff is gay. He has been admiring David for a very long time, and was always happy to be spending time with him, at the movies, at the gym, at the orphanage or even at the library, working on their assignments. He wasn't sure if David was also gay, he never gave him any hints or went after him in fear that it might jeopardise their beautiful friendship. Afterall, David was a popular guy and many girls were after him. Cliff felt that he won't measure up to any of those girls, or guys for that matter.

Fortunately, they both managed to get good seats for their movie, 4th row from the back. After getting the tickets, they both went and get some popcorn and drinks.

"Sweet one yeah? Or would you like them mixed?" asked David. "The popcorns and drinks are on me alright?" he added.

"I guess we'll just do sweet this time", replied Cliff with a broad smile. "You're very sweet you know!"

"I am? Hahaha... Well I guess I am!" David laughed as he grabbed the large tube of popcorn and two Cokes and proceeded to the cinema.

It was slightly cold in the cinema, and Cliff lovingly offered David his warm jacket. David was touched by his offer, but he declined.

"Nah... You use it. As long as you're warm, I'm alright." David said. "Now, enjoy your movie!" he added while patting Cliff on his head.

In his heart, Cliff was smiling.


A week later, they both met again at the orphanage. They were giving free tuition to kids. Cliff taught Mathematics while David taught the kids Science. They both were such lovable people, all the kids at the orphanage loved them and would always looked forward to their visit. Cliff and David never forget to bring candy bars for them, and once in a while they would bring the kids out for some fastfood whenever they had the time. Although it would cost them a part of their weekly allowances, but they both felt that the kids deserved them, especially after they did well in their exams.

"Hmmm... Did you realise that next Saturday is Valentine's Day?", David said.

"Oh yeah! Haha! I almost forgot!", Cliff said shyly with a smile; but deep inside he knew that the Valentine he wished for would never be his.

"Do you have any plans on that day?", David asked.

"Nope... I'm single... And thus, no plans", Cliff replied with a heavy heart.

"Hmmm... In that case... Would you like to catch a movie with me?" David asked. "I'm also like you, single but not available."

Cliff was puzzled by his words. "Single but not available?".

"Sure! That would be great! But how come you say that you're single... But at the same time not available?" Cliff asked curiously.

"Well... Let's just say that I like someone and haven't asked the person out on a proper date yet," David said. "Besides, I don't know if the person likes me."

"Oh... Ok. Come on, tell me who is that lucky girl?", poked Cliff.

"Nah... I don't want to mention any names...", David said in a low voice.

"Alright. I understand. So it's a date then, on Valentine's day!" Cliff said enthusiastically.

David just smiled, and gave Cliff a friendly punch on his left shoulder. "This time, book the tickets ok?!" David said. "I'm sure the queue that night would be crazy!"

"No prob", Cliff replied.

In his heart, Cliff can't wait for Valentine's Day to arrive...


It was Febuary 14 and it's Valentine's Day! It was 5pm and Cliff managed to get tickets for the 9pm show of a romantic comedy for the both of them. He didn't want to disappoint David again, so he actually went to the cinema two days earlier and secured good seats.

"Hey... Don't forget our 'date' tonight!", Cliff joked over the telephone.

"Hahaha... Of course not. I'm just about to send my mum to the supermarket for some groceries, so I'll see you at 7 outside Marcy's. Don't be late!", David spoke.

"Don't worry, I'll be the one waiting for you!", Cliff joked again. "See you later! Bye!"

"Bye!" and David hung up.

Cliff arrived early and got a table at the restaurant, while waiting for David to reach. Suddenly, Cliff's handphone rang.

It was David.

"Hey Cliff? I'll be 10 minutes late!" David spoke over the phone.

"Haha... See?! I told you I'll be waiting for you. Well, it's alright. Take your time. I'm already in the restaurant, so just walk in later. Our table is just by the stairs." Cliff replied.

"Alright!" David said and he ended the call.

David walked in 10 minutes later, and apologised for being late.

"Sorry Cliff... For being late. I took a little longer to ... style my hair!" David blushed.

"What? Hahahah... Ok, let's order now. What would you like? And yea, dinner is on me today!" Cliff said.

"Oh really? Hmmm... Alright, then movie and snacks on me later then," David said. "I think I'll order the steak with black pepper sauce."

"Good choice. I'll be having fish and chips" Cliff said.

Dinner that night was good, and they both had a marvelous chat over dinner. They talked about what happened at home and what they were both up to the past week. They laughed and joked, and enjoyed each other's company very much. Cliff felt very happy to be in the company of someone whom he cared for a lot, and even more since it's on Valentine's Day.


After dinner, they both took a cab to the cinema. This time, Cliff noticed that David brought his sweater along.

"Hey... You brought your sweater too eh?!" Cliff said, pointing to the brown sweater David was carrying in his knapsack.

"Yeah... I don't want to feel cold in the cinema anymore! The last time when we watched that movie, I was freezing!" replied David.

"Then how come you didn't take my sweater when I offered it to you?", Cliff asked, puzzled.

"Coz, I don't want to feel warm when you're shivering! It's your sweater afterall, and I won't feel nice", David added. "Anyway, in case I forget to mention it later, I had lots of fun tonight!"

"Me too!", Cliff said excitedly. "Me too!"

The movie was extremely funny, and the both of them were laughing the whole entire time. The movie ended just before 11pm, and they both decided to get some ice-cream before walking to a nearby park.

"Can I have 2 vanilla cones please?", David told the ice-cream vendor.

Cliff was puzzled. "How did you know that I like vanilla?"

"I know a lot about your likes and dislikes, silly!" David said with a little laugh. "You're my best friend, of course I know what you like!"

"Hehe... I guess so. But now I know that you love vanilla too! Haha!" joked Cliff.

"By the way, how's the movie?" David asked, while licking his ice-cream.

"Oh my god! It was so funny! I was laughing my ass off!" replied Cliff, laughing loudly.

"Yeah. It was really funny. I especially liked the part when Matt's parents discovered them kising in the garden. I can't forget the look on Matt's face! It was freaking hillarious!" David said, and both of them started laughing.

Cliff loved to hear David's laugh as it was infectious and at the same time uplifting. A moment of David's laugh would lift him up when he's feeling down and depressed. Deep down inside, he was happy that they were both very good friends, although he really wished that they could be more than just best friends.


They were walking around in the park on a clear February 14th night when they came across a field. David suggested that they lie on the ground while observing the night sky. The sky was clear, and the stars were visible.

David laid down on the green grass, while Cliff sportingly laid just beside him, both looking upwards to the vast beautiful sky.

"See that bright star? There?" David said matter of fact-ly, pointing to that particular star slightly to their left. "Well, that's actually Venus."

"Yeah... I see it! Wow... It's so tiny, but still very bright nevertheless!", Cliff said, trying to make a smart statement.

"Yeah... Although the planet's big, but it's located so far away that we only view it as a dot in the sky. I can't help it, although the distance is so far... But..." David said, sounding a little sad.

"But what?", Cliff asked, sounding a little worried now.

"The longest distance is not between the ground and the sky. Not between heaven and earth and not between life and death. Not even from here to Venus. It's when you're standing in front of someone, and that person doesn't know that you love him or her. It's sad...", David sighed, trying hard to control his tears from streaming down his cheek.

"The girl doesn't love you?", Cliff asked, trying to comfort David.

"Nah, let's not talk about it. Let's just lie down here and observe the sky. The sky's beautiful tonight. It really is...", David replied, trying to gain his composure.

"Alright", Cliff said, while he gave David a pat on his left shoulder. "Don't worry, if she's yours, she will be. Don't think too much about it, ok?"

Suddenly, a bright shooting star streaked across the clear blue sky.

"Hey! Look! It's a shooting star!", Cliff said excitedly, trying to point out the path of the shooting star.

"Wow! It's a shooting star! I've never seen one before!", David claimed. "This is the first one I've ever seen in my entire life!"

"Hahah... Well you know what they say about shooting stars... If you see one, you make a wish upon them... And it will come true!" Cliff said, trying to reassure David that things will be alright.

"Yeah... I've heard that too!" David said, and quietly they both looked at the sky and silently made their wish.

"So what did you wish for?" David jokingly teased Cliff, now in a better mood.

Cliff was in a dilemma. The only thing that Cliff ever wished was for David to be his. He's now torn between telling David the truth, or covering it up with a lie. It could end this friendship if he told him the truth, but since David was baring his soul that night and considering that they both have been very close friends, Cliff decided to tell him. David could accept it, he thought.

"Ac-tual-llllly... I... I... wished for you", Cliff stuttered. "I've admired you for a very long time... and... I really wish that the both of us could be more than just friends".

"I love you David... and I don't wanna lose you", Cliff said. He sat up and turned away from David.

Cliff thought that their friendship would be forever ruined and things would never be the same again. Cliff's emotional dam broke and he could not hold the feelings back. Tears started running down his cheeks.

David sat up and turned towards Cliff. He grabbed Cliff from the back and gave hugged him tightly.

"Cliff... please don't cry... please don't..." David said reassuringly while he wiped the tears flowing down Cliff's face with his shirt. He faced Cliff and planted a kiss on his forehead.

Tears started rolling down David's face.

"I guess we're both very lucky tonight", whispered David. "Both of our wishes came true..."

How They Met Each Other

Jude fondly remembered how he met Crawford. Jude was new in the gay community. He was still curious about his sexual orientation and thus, registered himself into a gay social network. Day by day, Jude would spent few hours searching for potential handsome gays to communicate with.

One day, Jude accidentally clicked a profile and his footprints was left unintentionally due to the stupid system. That profile happened to be Crawford's and Crawford immediately sent a message saying "hi"
Jude felt lazy to reply but eventually replied

"Hey, mind being acquainted?"

Then something knocked Jude hard on his head and he realised what on earth was he trying to do. Why should i bother replying such unflattering person? The pic also like cacat one! thought Jude nastily. Sooner or later, Crawford made his way into convincing Jude to meet him on one weekend. Until now, Jude was still confused and didnt know how Crawford managed to pull him out.

The 1st impression Jude had for Crawford

"The hell, so short one, > than a head shorter! Somemore not fit one...and not so handsome. Wasting time!" thought Jude. Suddenly, something struck Jude, as an inner voice told him to give Crawford a chance.

"Let's catch a movie, my treat!" said Crawford jovially.
"hm... OK!" replied Jude

In the cinema, Jude was shivering as he wore only shorts and thin much for his "machoness".
Crawford then took notice and shared his warm and comfortable jacket with Jude. That gave Jude a huge slap right into his face for judging a person based on his/her physical aappearance. Onwards then, Jude wanted to know more about this caring guy and after the movie, Jude and Crawford decided to go for a drink. They talk and talk and talk and talk and bid goodbye after the long conversation as Jude had to be home for dinner with his family.

Messages after messages were exchanged between Jude and Crawford and eventually, they started seeing each other oftenly every Tuesday after Jude's class ended.
Their favourite place to hangout?

Formerly, Jude was annoyed receiving messages from Crawford but eventually, not receiving a message from Crawford within a day will agitate Jude. This indicates that Jude was emotionally attached to Crawford.

Thats how they met---------and until now, Jude never stop thanking GOD for bringing Crawford into his life

Monday, January 17, 2011

Equilibrium between EQ and IQ

Leon was praised by his manager for his swiftness/agility in absorbing new things , and considerably faster than others so far. He was also a shining star among his colleagues as others are not as intellectual inclined as he is. Leon became arrogant day by day until he met someone that changed his personality. Sam, the supervisor of english department, had a nerdy-stricken face and the 1st impression that Leon had for his supervisor is

"ala,this guy, sure can manipulate and mess around with"

Leon was indeed wrong, and eventhough it wasnt his fault for arguing back due to the the unnecessary and stupid work load given by his supervisor, Sam took advantage of Leon instead. Sam belittled Leon and mocked him throughout his working hours till Leon almost broke down. Leon then had to endure these torments and eventually go through hell for 2 days. Sooner or later, Leon realised that EQ plays an important role in the working lifestyle. He learned how to tolerate and humbly followed whatever orders instructed by his supervisor.
Leon became so humble that he apologised to his supervisor just to smooth things out for a better working environment. Hence, no point having the brains when you dont know how to manage your EQ level. This incident will be etched in Leon's memory forever.

Lesson learned, thank you, Sam